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International Affiliation

Fazal Mahmood & Company Chartered Accountants is a member firm of JHI which is a growing global network of highly-regarded independent accountancy, business advisor and financial consulting firms in over 55 countries providing accounting, audit, tax and business consulting services in a wide range of industries for clients doing business across international borders. The leading association of its kind, JHI exists to enhance the ability of member firms and their clients to drive business locally and internationally through a variety of distinctive programs and services that advance our organization as a single and unified global brand.

TASK International is a full member of the forum of firms of IFAC. International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) is the global organization for the accountancy profession, IFAC is committed to protecting the public interest by developing high-quality international standards, promoting strong ethical values, encouraging quality practice, and supporting the development of all sectors of the profession around the world.

Fazal Mahmood and Company Chartered Accountants is a member firm of TASK international which is a full member of the Forum of Firms. The Group consists of member firms that perform transnational audits and fulfill the membership requirements of the Forum. The Forum works to promote consistent, high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. The Forum brings together firms that perform transnational audits and involves them more closely with International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) activities in auditing and other assurance-related areas.

“We have embraced the high quality assurance and ethics standards required of Forum of Firms members in order to serve the public interest and to help raise the standards of the international practice of auditing.”

Mark Tenzer
TASK International

For more information visit: www.jhi,com

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